What Is Lambskin Leather and How Do I Protect It?

Lambskin leather has an innate association with luxury, due to its smooth feel and beautiful appearance. It’s often used in items like Chanel handbags and other expensive purses, and is considered the finest and most comfortable type of leather to make a leather jacket out of. If you are lucky enough to own a piece made out of lambskin leather, it’s critical to take care of it well and make sure that you take some basic steps to protect it, as lambskin leather will last a lifetime when it is protected and cared for properly.

What is Lambskin Leather?

Lambskin is an exotic type of leather that is made exclusively from the hides of young sheep. This gives this leather a buttery, silky feel and appearance that is highly desired by those interested in fashion and leather products. It’s lightweight and malleable, making it an excellent material to make clothing or other items out of. 

Lambskin jackets carry a desirable and tantalizing prestige, as anyone that sees it or touches it will innately recognize that it is made out of a higher-quality leather than an ordinary calfskin leather jacket. They match with almost anything and are extremely durable and versatile pieces of clothing, so it’s well worth it to spend a little more and get the best looking and feeling jacket that you can. 

How to Care For Lambskin Leather

Along with its softness and malleability comes an increased fragility as well. While it’s still leather, and therefore will always have some toughness and strength that other materials like cotton or polyester don’t have, there are some techniques to enhance longevity that any lambskin leather owner should follow. 

Let’s look at some of the best ways to take care of lambskin leather:


Never let your lambskin get wet or wash it like other clothes. When leather gets wet, the oils within it are forced out with the water as it dries, leaving it brittle and cracked over time. To prevent this, use a silicone-free specialized lambskin leather protectant before wearing the jacket or taking the item out for the first time. 


Lambskin is best stored hanging within a protective, breathable dust bag. Always avoid direct sunlight and humid areas, and use a padded hanger for jackets to help keep their shape. A cool, dry, dark place like a closet is perfect for storage.


Leather of any type should be conditioned to help maximize its utility and beauty, and this is especially important for lambskin leather. The goal of conditioning is to keep the leather supple, keep it from drying out and cracking, and help to protect and clean it more easily. 

When starting, you may wish to apply a small amount of the conditioner on an inconspicuous area of the jacket to test out how it affects or changes the leather. Some conditioners can darken or change the leather, and lambskin is especially prone to this due to its increased absorption, so always use a specialized conditioner for lambskin

How to Clean Lambskin Leather 

Since you aren’t able to simply throw lambskin leather in the wash with your other clothes or even hand-wash it in the sink, cleaning the jacket is an important step to perform correctly. Most of the time, you won’t need to clean the jacket after every use, as your other layers of clothes should protect it from getting too dirty or smelling bad. However, leather does absorb ambient smells, especially when new, so it’s smart to clean it now and then or if you happen to get visible dirt or other grime on it.

To properly clean your lambskin leather, take the following steps:

  • Clean with a damp cotton cloth. Try to use as little water as possible, and don’t apply the water directly to the jacket. Gently rub out the dirty area until it is clean again. 
  • If this isn’t working, you’ll want to find a leather conditioner or cleaner that is specialized for lambskin. Leather conditioners can also work well to get small scratches out.

If these steps don’t resolve your issue or you have more serious stains that don’t come out by simply buffing the leather repeatedly, you may want to consider professional care or restoration. Avoid following DIY tips like using a mixture of lemon juice/white vinegar and water to clean lambskin unless you are prepared to take the risk that it might not look the same afterward. 

The best tip is to condition, prepare, and waterproof your leather, as well as store it properly so it retains its shape. Preventative measures like this will make it far easier to clean the leather when you eventually have to. 

Lambskin leather is beautiful, luxurious, and valued worldwide for its qualities and appearance. Don’t neglect to take care of yours, make sure you follow these steps and your lambskin will last a lifetime and always look its best. 

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