Essential Leather Jacket Styles Every Woman Should Own

Essential Leather Jacket Styles Every Woman Should Own

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Many women are familiar with the classic staples of their closet, such as a sturdy pair of high heels, a little black dress, or a chunky sweater for colder weather. While jackets are also a popular choice during the winter months, it seems as if women often overlook leather jackets. Perhaps this is because of the image they typically evoke. We may picture a tough biker dude when we think of leather jackets. However, leather jacket styles are not just for men who want to look tough. They can be a versatile addition to any woman's wardrobe, and there are many different leather jacket styles.

The Original Leather Jacket

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When pondering leather jackets, what other associations come to your mind besides the stereotypical tough biker look? Surely rock stars are one of them! While not everyone may desire to emulate a rock star's style, there are women out there who do. Similarly, while the biker image may not be for everyone, plenty of women adore their motorcycles and the freedom of the open road. But what about the everyday woman? Would she benefit from the traditional leather jacket? Absolutely.

Want to take your casual outfit to the next level? Try adding a leather jacket to your standard t shirt and jeans. It's a classic style that exudes a cool and rebellious vibe. You might even impress your romantic interest with your James Dean chic fashion sense. If you want to add a touch of flirty flair, consider finishing the outfit with a cute pair of flats.

The Classic Biker Jacket

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We've had a lot of discussions about bikers, haven't we? Believe it or not, biker jackets can really make a statement with the proper planning. What's more, biker jackets are not only stylish but functional as well. If you happen to ride a motorcycle, you'll not only look great, but the jacket's durable design will also keep you protected in case of a mishap.

If you're considering purchasing a biker jacket or need one for your bike riding, you should prioritize the right size and fit. You want a biker jacket that complements your personal body type, but you also want to ensure that it's not too loose or too tight. An oversized fit could potentially offer less protection in the event of an accident, while a tighter biker jacket could be uncomfortable. Aim for a jacket that fits just right for the best possible results. Not too baggy and not too tight is the right way to go when it comes to biker jackets.

Bomber Jacket

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Did you know that bomber jackets have an interesting history that includes military origins? Bomber jackets were first produced in 1917 and were referred to as an "aviator jacket" at the time. Their primary purpose was to support and safeguard pilots during World War I. The inside of these durable jackets was insulated with sheepskin lining for added warmth.

The jacket gained popularity as time passed and became a wardrobe staple thanks to the iconic movie stars of the 1950s, such as Marlon Brando and James Dean. The trend was kept alive by Steve McQueen in the 1960s. Today, the leather bomber jacket (formally known as the aviator jacket) has a timeless appeal. They are no longer just associated with war heroes and Hollywood celebrities but are now a versatile piece of fashion that anyone can wear.

Are you looking for some styling tips for your bomber jacket? We've got you covered! Try pairing your jacket with straight-leg jeans and a simple t shirt for a casual look that is big on style. For dressier occasions, dresses and skirts can also look great with bomber jackets. Want to go for 90s grunge-inspired style? Wear the jacket with a floral print dress, or opt for a midi skirt if you want to show off a little leg. With these styling tips, you're sure to rock your jacket in style!

Field Jacket

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The field jacket is another leather jacket style that was created for the military. The first version of the field jacket was designed in 1941 and was part of the World War II combat uniform. This sleek jacket style was made with advancements, including snap closures for pockets, extra zippers, more rigid fabrics, a built-in hood that could be rolled up into a pouch, and velcro fasteners on the sleeves and shirt collar. Although the jacket was retired from the military in the late 1980s, it has remained popular among civilians and was even worn by Robert De Niro's character in Taxi Driver.

Don't be fooled, though! This jacket isn't just for military personnel and male movie stars. Anyone can rock this leather jacket! Additionally, the jacket pairs well with jeans or black tailored trousers and typically has a slim fit, so be sure to get the right size. As for shoes, boots or sneakers would be a great choice.

Varsity Jacket

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A varsity jacket, otherwise known as a "letterman jacket," is probably most well-known for being the type of oversized leather jacket a high school jock gives to his girlfriend. But it shouldn't be considered as only a mens leather jacket. If that were the case, why would the guys give it to their girlfriends in the first place?

A varsity jacket is usually given out by schools to both girls and boys who play on sports teams. The timeless style jacket is traditionally made with higher quality leather and would feature the school colors and the team the person plays on. For most students, this jacket is probably their first real leather jacket. Many schools go all out on the production and use genuine leather. The result is a pretty decent leather jacket.

Does that mean you have to be in school to get one? Nope! Many high-end clothing brands make their own versions of letterman jackets. However, be aware that some of these companies may not make their versions out of genuine leather. Some may opt for faux leather or even cloth. Which one you buy would depend on what jacket styles you prefer.

This leather jacket style pairs well with relaxed pieces like jeans and yoga pants. The more worn in your shoes are, the better. Wear your old sneakers or high tops with this leather jacket.

Trench Coat

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While letterman jackets were typically seen as a symbol of pride and achievement in high school, trench coats received a bad reputation in the late 90s. At first, they may have been viewed as cool and trendy with the release of 1999's the Matrix, but this perception quickly changed due to the unfortunate tragedy at Columbine High School that same year.

Indeed, this negative opinion was most likely held by older adults and teachers due to the attire that the attackers wore and their dark personas. However, enough time has passed, and trench coats have a better image nowadays. The trench coat is probably still best known from the Matrix, and maybe also from a specific character from the hit television series Supernatural.

If trench coats are one of the leather jacket styles that appeal to you, be prepared to spend more on them than the typical leather jacket. These leather jackets are usually much longer, have more extra room, and may come with pockets. Since they are on the longer side, that means that more leather has to be used. This factor is what increases the price, especially if you opt for real leather.

Despite their high price point, trench coats have the perk of matching with many outfits. They go great with a shirt and jeans, as seen in the popular film the Boondock Saints. If your workplace allows them, they can really make a work outfit pop. Trench coats are also great to add to Halloween costumes and for an overall mysterious vibe.

Leather Blazer

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Speaking of the workplace, leather blazers just scream workplace chic. A black leather blazer over a professional outfit will make anyone look like a power boss. Leather blazers come in many patterns like solid colors, pinstripe, and more. Anyone can find a leather blazer jacket with a print that best suits them.

A leather blazer would also come in handy for job interviews. You may not have the power boss role yet, but wearing a leather blazer during a job interview would be the very definition of "dressing for the job you want." The leather blazer would pair best with a nice blouse and black slacks, dress pants, or a tasteful matching skirt.

Leather blazers don't have to be strictly work chic, though. They just have that reputation and look about them. If you can find a way to style them for a night out, by all means, do it.

Leather Shirt Jacket

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Before writing this, I had no idea what a leather shirt jacket was. It's exactly what it sounds like, though. A leather shirt jacket is a hybrid garment with characteristics from both clothing pieces. Apparently, it is also known as a "shacket."

The leather shirt jacket is thicker than a leather shirt but thinner than a leather jacket. They are also a lot lighter in weight than traditional leather jackets. Most of them also feature a hood for everyone living in our hoodies.

Both leather jacket styles have a button-up front and long sleeves. You may also have a better time wearing this shirt version of a leather jacket year-round as it won't overheat you as much as a regular leather jacket.

When it comes to styling, these leather jackets work best when they are layered with your main outfit. You can wear a plain shirt or a nice blouse underneath them. Rocking a unique leather jacket like this is bound to give you points for originality.

Faux Leather Jacket

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Let's take some time out to look at a different scenario. Suppose you love leather jacket styles but can't support the leather trade. You may be a vegan, or you may not support animals being used for their skin. That is both a noble and valid opinion. But it doesn't mean you have to miss out on leather jackets completely. You can always look into vegan leather options.

These kinds of leather jackets are not made of real leather but are made from faux leather. You wouldn't have to sacrifice your moral obligations for style. A "non-leather" leather jacket would look just as good, and you can style it with your clothes just as you would a regular leather jacket.

Do Your Research on Leather Jackets

We have gone over a whole lot of leather jacket styles today. Additionally, there are some more essential things to know about leather jackets. If you are serious about getting a real leather jacket, consider whether you want actual leather or faux, look up their prices, make sure they come from a reputable brand, and check the quality if you're going for leather.

With the grade of the leather jackets in mind, you must also remember that genuine leather jackets will be much more expensive than the everyday jackets. It may be a good idea to do some more research on leather jackets before buying one. Research the brands of leather jackets and see what quality of leather they use. Do they have alternative options? What styles of leather jackets do you prefer? These are all important questions to ask before making a purchase.

As mentioned before, you can opt for an alternative option if you don't want to support the leather trade. However, it must be known that these leather jackets will not last as long as the genuine article leather jacket. The standard leather jacket will outlast alternative leather jackets. Therefore, really think about whether you are okay with buying multiple alternative leather jackets.

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