Seeking Style as a Woman Biker

If you’re a woman looking for the perfect biker jacket, chances are you’ve run into a lot of the same problems as many other women have: outdated styles, over-the-top femininity, and cuts that don’t accentuate your body type. If this sounds familiar, look no further - this guide will lay out all the facts you need to know to look your best while riding. 

Finding the right women's motorcycle jacket is more than just a style choice, it’s an essential part of your riding gear and an important protective layer between you and any potential road rash. An important part of a women's motorcycle jacket is the lower back section that flares out to cover her hips, as this part of the body is significantly different than a man’s body. To achieve the best coverage and protection while also looking your best, try to find a jacket with a flared or hourglass cut and style.  

What Makes a Motorcycle Jacket Different?

When it comes to biking jackets, several things make them stand out from normal jackets or even the average leather jacket. Some of these functionalities are:

  • Perforated panels for improved airflow
  • Impact reactive material that hardens on contact with the road
  • Specially designed armor built into high impact points like the shoulders

These functions are important for motorcycle jackets because of the higher risk while driving or riding them compared to cars. Accidents and mistakes happen, and when they do you want to be as prepared as possible.  

Not Just For Riding

Of course, not everyone who buys a leather motorcycle jacket is going to be riding. They can be a staple of any person’s wardrobe, especially for a fall or autumn feel. A leather riding jacket can accentuate or complement almost any outfit and provides a unique and striking fashion statement.  

If this is what you plan to do with your riding jacket, then you shouldn’t worry as much about the various safety features, but more about comfort, style, and versatility. Riding jackets can often be hot and cause you to be sweaty, so try to find one you can wear in all weather and with most outfits you own.  

The main thing to do when choosing a riding jacket is to visualize how you will look in it, and consider what image you are trying to convey. As with most clothing items, the amount of customization you can achieve is almost endless, from pockets, to zippers, to collars - there is almost an infinite amount of designs you can choose from. A women’s motorcycle jacket will be the perfect finishing touch on top of all your favorite outfits, and will make sure you stand out from the crowd when you want to.  

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